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Although hardwood is one of the most popular residential flooring materials in the nation, many people still enjoy having a soft and warm surface beneath their feet to make their home feel a little bit cozier. Area rugs are commonly used for dining rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms. They not only make a home more stylish, colorful and decorative, they can help prevent furniture from damaging expensive hardwood floors.

For help with cleaning and caring for your area rugs, turn to O’Fallons Best Carpet Cleaner. In addition to residential carpet cleaning, we offer a range of other convenient services to help our customers maintain the cleanliness and beauty of their homes. 

More recently we’re finding the long shag rugs are growing in popularity in American homes. Families used to choose short fiber area rugs, but now the style is trending away from the shorter fiber rugs and towards the longer fiber shag rugs.

People love both the look and feel of the shag rugs. If you’ve ever been in a home with a shag rug, I’m sure you enjoyed taking your shoes off and rubbing your toes in the fibers of the carpet. Kids especially love playing and laying on these types of rugs.

However, one downside of the long shag rugs is their challenge to clean. Dirt can easily make its way deep into the rug where its hard to remove with your home vacuum. Additionally, the vacuum bristles often get stuck in the long fibers of the shag rugs, making it even harder to vacuum. If you’re having trouble getting your shag area rug clean, give us a call and we’ll use our professional cleaning machines on your rug and make it look brand new. All our equipment is great for cleaning all types of area rugs.

In-Home Cleaning
It can be a nuisance to rearrange furniture and haul away a large area rug every few weeks for cleaning. There is a much easier and more efficient way to make sure your area rug is spotlessly clean without going through all that work each and every single time.

​Our carpet cleaners provide in-home area rug cleaning services for your convenience. We have the tools and equipment to sanitize and clean your area rug right where it is to make sure that it is never a hassle for our customers. 

Easy and Convenient
When you are already short on spare time, the last thing you need are additional chores or errands to contend with. We offer the easiest and most convenient solution for area rug cleaning. The only thing our customers need to do is pick up a phone and give us a call when the time comes for their area rug to be cleaned.

Our professional carpet cleaners will come to their home and take care of the rest. We carefully move your furniture for full access to the rug and thoroughly clean every square inch to make sure that there are not spots, stains, odor, or bacteria remaining. Once we are done, we will move everything back into place so that your home is in perfect order again

Thorough and Professional
Cleaning is about attention to detail. We believe that it is important to be thorough whether it comes to cleaning an area rug or scrubbing down your tile and grout. We never miss a spot and we always deliver results that are satisfactory to our customers.

There is a reason that many of our customers are repeat customers. They know that they can trust our carpet cleaning professionals to always be reliable, thorough, and professional when do their jobs. 

Area Rug Cleaning and Beyond
O’Fallons Best Carpet Cleaner is much more than just a carpet cleaning company. We know that the work of maintaining a clean home never ends, which is why we strive to offer a wide range of convenient services that can help homeowners with the more challenging domestic duties. From area rug cleaning and furniture strain removal to grout cleaning and pet odor removal, no matter what you need assistance with, our team of professional cleaners will be happy to help.

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