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Maintaining an optimally clean home environment can require a massive amount of work. There are the obvious chores that most homeowners carry out on a day to day or weekly basis, but there are also other aspects of cleaning that are regularly overlooked. Upholstery and furniture cleaning is not something that every homeowner prioritizes or even thinks about, however, it is equally as important as carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning when it comes to keeping your home fresh, clean, and beautiful.

O’Fallon’s Best Carpet Cleaner can help you with upholstery cleaning to help you preserve the appearance and condition of the furniture in your home and allow you to enjoy a maximally comfortable and welcoming home environment.

Furniture Cleaning
Daily use can leave your chair, couch, love seat, or ottoman stained or discolored over time. Although your upholstered furniture may look worse for the wear, our upholstery cleaning services can often help you get your home furnishings looking like new again.

Many times its hard to remember the original look and condition of your cloth covered furniture. You probably remember how much you loved the color and style and perhaps now wonder why your household furniture doesn’t have the same appeal it once had. Welcome to the common effects of age and wear. Without even recognizing it your furniture begins to fade in color and vibrancy.

Our powerful carpet cleaning methods strip away years of dirt and grime that have accumulated within the fibers of your upholstery and restore the appearance and sanitary condition of upholstered surfaces. We can remove spots and stains, odors, and bacteria to ensure that your sofa, chairs, ottomans, or other upholstered furniture continues to provide you with enjoyment for many more years.

Removal of Spots and Stains
All it takes is a couple of small spots or stains to drastically diminish the appearance of your furniture. There’s no need to replace an entire sofa set due to a small wine spill, however.

Our team of professional carpet cleaners are able to help remove even the most stubborn upholstery stain for our customers. We use gentle but effective methods to ensure that spots or stains are fully removed without any damage or discoloration to your upholstery.

Unpleasant Odors
Odors can easily become trapped in carpets or upholstery. Over the years, a mixture of food smells, body odor, pet odors, and other scents can embed themselves in your home.

At O’Fallons Best Carpet Cleaner, we excel in thoroughly removing any unpleasant odors from the home for our customers. If you long for a fresh-smelling, clean home then give us a call. We provide thorough carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services that will effectively eliminate any odor causing bacteria and contamination from carpeted rooms and upholstered furniture for you. 

Top Carpet Cleaning Company in O’Fallon
There are many reasons why we have become widely known as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in O’Fallon, Missouri. For many years, we have been helping our customers with their carpet cleaning needs and tackling difficult problems such as stains or pet odors with efficiency and efficacy.

​We have even expanded our services to include upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning for the convenience of homeowners throughout the city. Cleaning grout can be an overwhelming task especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. We help you with the difficult cleaning jobs that you are unable to take on yourself to ensure that your home is a sanitary, pleasant, and welcoming place to be. Clean grout will bring a shine to your home.

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